Ride on toys

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Ride on toys are very  popular with children. They come in a wide variety of styles - electric ride on toys, wooden ride on toys, battery powered ride on toys, bikes, and many others. When purchasing a ride on toy for your toddler, there is some important information you need to know.

The Popularity of Ride On Toys
Ride on toys are any toy that a child can sit on and ride, either by propelling it himself or by some sort of motorized system. Ride on toys are popular with toddlers because they give them a sense of independence and freedom. Since toddlers are at the age where they are just learning how to walk, they really enjoy showing their independence.
Purposes of Ride on Toys
Ride on toys have several purposes. First, they encourage the development of large motor skills in a fun, entertaining way and encourage toddlers to explore their natural born sense of adventure. By giving them independence, toddlers step out on their own and explore using ride on toys which also allow children to use their naturally active imaginations.
Materials to Make Ride On Toys
Most of today's toddler ride on toys are made of heavy, durable plastic. Electric ride on toys and battery powered ride on toys are going to be made of a combination of plastic, metal, and rubber. There are even wooden ride on toys made in the shape of horses or other animals. Another type of ride on toy has a body made out of solid foam covered in easy-to-wash vinyl. Rolling wheels are attached to the bottom to provide movement. Other types of wheels for ride on toys include plastic and rubber.

Ride on toys come in a wide variety of designs. Some are designed to look like animals. Of course, the traditional ride on toy is the bike. Some toys are designed to look like vehicles, like cars, planes, and trucks. Popular electric or battery operated ride on toys often look like grown-up vehicles, like Jeeps and SUVs. Foot to floor acceleration is the best type of ride on toy for toddlers, which are propelled by the child pushing off of the floor with his or her feet.

Popular Ride on Toys
There are hundreds of different ride on toys for toddlers on the market today. Here is a list of some of the most popular models:
  • Wooden airplane ride on toy - This toy is made almost completely out of wood and features a double-wing plane with a front propeller that actually spins.
  • Baby's First Car - This ride-on can also be a push toy. Made of brightly colored plastic, it features a steering wheel and working horn.
  • The Flying Turtle Ride on Toy - This toy is called a "sit-skate" and moves by swinging handlebars from side to side.
  • Ride on Cars/Trucks - Just about any adult vehicle has been made into a ride on toy, including tractors!
  • The Play-N-Ride Train - This ride on resembles Baby's First Car, but it is a train not a car. The seat hides a storage compartment.
  • Foam Animals - Foam animal ride on toys are made of foam with a washable vinyl cover. They come in a variety of animal designs
  • Tricycle - A tricycle is perhaps the most well known ride on toy, and comes in many different styles. The most obvious feature of a trike is its three wheels.
There are literally hundreds of options out there for parents who wish to buy their toddler ride on toys. On the Internet you can find stores that offer low-cost wholesale ride on toys!